The Adventure Begins!

Nomadic News – Nomadic FaceBook Group “WorkCamped™” Teams Up With OfficeDrift™

OfficeDrift™ FB Group – WorkCamped™

There are many different types of nomads and RV lifers out there living and working full-time from the road that benefit from our OfficeDrift™ resources daily.

We have been asked numerous times if we are ever going to start a Facebook group so nomads/RVers from all over the U.S. can benefit from active discussions, collaborations, shared research, reviews, and networking with other like minded remote workers and nomadic travelers in real time.

The last few months has been brainstorming on whether or not we should start our own Facebook group from scratch and build it up or join forces with an existing Facebook group.

After collaborating with multiple group admins/owners and weighing all the options we decided to team up with a smaller existing group and rebrand it to “WorkCamped“.

The Official Announcement and rules update in the group

Group Updates – Under new Administration – NEW Rules

This announcement is to inform all of our loyal and awesome members that this group now has a new Administrative Team working together to help others achieve common goals. The following chain of events will be taking place over the next few months to make this place the #1 Go-To choice on FaceBook for all remote work and work camping nomads/RVers living a nomadic lifestyle.

Rebranding: The new Group Brand/Name is: WorkCamped

Domain Name: The domain asset now redirects to this group, making it easier for members to refer their friends to the awesome resources we’ll be sharing, discussing, and collaborating about here.

Clean-Up: One of the biggest tasks at hand right now is cleaning up all the spammy and off-topic posts/shares that happened prior to the new Administrative team. This may take several months, so bare with us. If we miss anything or you see something that doesn’t belong, please report it so we can remove it.

New Topic Structure: Moving forward the following topics are ok for discussion – Remote work positions available, Work-Camping Positions Available, RV parks, Boondocking spots, Urban parking/camping spots, Mobile-home parks that allow RVs, Laws that effect nomads/RVers, Inspirational nomadic/RVer stories, and other related categories.

New Rules:

  1. Do not post anything for sale in this group. Go use the FaceBook marketplace for selling anything, please.
  2. Do not spam or post off-topic – Stay on-topic in accordance to the topic structure outlined above.
  3. We encourage everyone to share their experience and ask questions, however, please be respectful when doing so.
  4. NO MLM or Pyramid schemes – These are not seen as legitimate jobs and not allowed to be shared in this group.
  5. When sharing a job opportunity, please verify that it is a legitimate opportunity prior to sharing.
  6. Everything shared must be LEGAL.
  7. Do NOT share anything that has laws prohibiting it. If there are stipulations or time limits, you must disclose those in your share.

It’s important that all the information we share in this group is accurate to help ensure everyone’s safety and compliance with municipality and other laws.

Members will be reprimanded and/or removed swiftly if they violate any of the above rules.

Other than that, enjoy yourself, share your experience, learn from others, and be safe on your adventures in life and work.

Quick links to some valuable resources to help you along the way

Legalities of Nomadism in the U.S.:…/is-living-a-nomadic-lifestyle-in…/

Get the latest Nomadic/RVers news:

Free Nomadic/RVer Resources:

Over 1 Million Remote Work & Work Camping Job Opportunities:

RV Parks & BoonDocks:

RV Parks between $100 to $350 per month with amenities all over the U.S.:…/rv-parks-with-amenities-under-35…/

Bars & Casinos that allow overnight and long-term RV parking (Some with amenities):…/urban-camping-at-bars-and-casinos/

Free Nomadic/RV Life Apps:…/best-apps-for-the-rv-lifesty…/

Nomadic Emergency Information:…/resour…/emergency-information/

RV/Nomadic Security/Safety:…/remote-wo…/resources/security/

Free Online Entrepreneur Tools/Software:…/resources/free-entrepreneur-tools/

Free online Accredited and non-accredited educational programs:…/re…/free-education-online-courses/

Those should help you get started in your journey.

New Beta resources being worked on at the moment

A. Keeping to the original theme of this group that was more focused on work campers looking for Mobile-home parks that are RV friendly, we will be sorting, analyzing, and compiling older posts in this group to create a resource page like all the others you have seen above, dedicated to RV friendly mobile-home parks. If you know of any in the United States, please share them so we can get them added to the resource. (No link to this resource yet – Coming Soon)

B. A dynamic RV Park, Boondocking, Casino, Urban, and Mobile-home park directory with easy interactive search features. This platform is currently in the very early beta stage and there are only a few listings in it so far as we continue to test and do data-entry. This project may take 12 or more months to get up to date. If you are interested in volunteering or bartering to help with the data-entry aspects of the new directory, please contact Eric Lyon from the Admin list on the members page. You can see what it’s going to look like and get an idea here:

Volunteer and Barter Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming part of a growing team dedicated to helping others find their way in a remote and nomadic world, the following options are available:

1. Journalist/Guest Writer:

2. State Ambassador (Assorted states available):…/od-ambassador-for-the-state-of-a…/

(The above list will be updated as internal positions become available or are filled.)

Keep the rubber side down and the sunny side up!

Be safe out there nomads.

IMPORTANT: Like with anyone that works in a field where you’ll be getting a lot of exposure through videos, photography, social media, commercials, etc., security is very important. The more popular you get, the more risk you assume. Be sure that you have some nomadic security options available as you expand on your own dreams.

IMPORTANT: The unexpected always happens when you least expect it. No matter how good you maintain your set up, something is going to break, fail, or short circuit, eventually. The more you drive it, pull it, push it, or use it, the more wear and tear will happen, increasing the likelihood of maintenance or repair being needed.

WARNING: If you can’t afford repair costs just starting out, you may want to take a step back and reassess your situation to be sure a nomadic lifestyle is right for you. The last thing you want to do is get stranded somewhere you don’t want to be because your rig broke down and you can’t afford to fix it.

If the above is true, a safer option for you might be to look into long term RV parks with full hookups and amenities that are more cost effective than what you pay in rent/utilities now. You can even find RV parks around the country for $100 to $350 per month including amenities. This will allow you to live below your means with some of the same creature comforts and allow you to start putting more money into your savings/retirement fund or to reinvest into bettering your lifestyle (When done right).

Once you get your finances back in order and get the hang of your rig/set-up (Inside and out), then start venturing around the country like a nomad.

This lifestyle is not for everyone. If you can, do a test run for a few weeks/months to make sure you can adapt to a smaller space, long term. You don’t want to be miserable out here, you want to be happy, healthy, and adventurous.

May your adventures be mesmerizing