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OfficeDrift™ FB Group – WorkCamped™ There are many different types of nomads and RV lifers out there living and working full-time from the road that benefit from our OfficeDrift™ resources daily. We have been asked numerous times if we are Read more…

Beth LaFata started the van life 5 years ago in a 1980’s model Dodge van. Fast forward to today and she’s joined ranks with the converted bumper-pull cargo trailer nomads. As she starts off on yet another adventure with more Read more…

Nomadic Fanatic – Rebranded This morning, Nomadic Fanatic rolled out a video covering his newly redesigned logo/brand. He also walks you through the vinyl application of the brand being put on his beautiful class “A” motorhome. For those of you Read more…

Keeping it Real Every week we see more and more people hitting the eject button on the sticks and bricks life to embark on a journey into the world of the 1%. The 1% world is full of nomadic travelers Read more…

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