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This page is for official OfficeDrift™ merchandise that we offer exclusively on this website or through a 3rd party vending partner.

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Official OfficeDrift™ Products & Services

The Clubhouse is currently closed for renovations (Stay Tuned)

Club Membership -Club members can take advantage of more premium resources and have access to other private areas of the website.

Becoming an exclusive club member does require an application process, agreeing to the clubs rules/terms, and paying monthly (or discounted yearly) dues to stay an active club member. This price may go up as we grow, however, all existing club members will be grandfathered into the expansion and will remain at the same reoccurring club rate as when they were indoctrinated into the club. Your modest per month dues will go towards the clubs website hosting, maintenance, renewals, research, and development costs.

This helps keep the club thriving, expanding, and moving in a direction that benefits all club members.

Current benefits include, but is not limited to:

  1. Club members forums – No guests, free members, or search engines have access to this private area. Speak freely. You can visit the Members Only Club but unfortunately, the clubhouse area of it is hidden until you are a club member.
  2. Club members have access to private clubhouse tutorials and guides that introduce various types of revenue generating strategies, skill sets, and business models that work great for the RV lifestyle.
  3. Club members have access to private clubhouse educational courses for small online business start-ups, ranging from personal development, business management, business finance, marketing strategies, and more.
  4. Club members receive priority on support inquiries.
  5. Club members receive special discounts on products/services. (When available)
  6. Club members are automatically enrolled in all of our referral promotions (When applicable), allowing them the opportunity to earn a little extra cash on the side sometimes.
  7. Club members have an opportunity to co-op with other club members on business ventures.
  8. Club members receive priority notice on new job openings (Before they get listed on the public job board)
  9. (Access to more private resources and guides coming soon)

To apply for a club membership, please visit here: Applying for a club membership

(This is an official OfficeDrift™ club)

Sponsorship – Do you like what we are doing or have a product/service that our visitors could benefit from? We are open to discussing a variety of sponsorship options with the right candidates. We are strong believers that any company we provide exposure for should also be one that we can trust. If there is any doubt, we will reject the offer.

Your sponsorship proceeds will go towards our websites hosting, maintenance, renewals, upgrade fees, expanding development, research, fuel, events, and other misc. costs.

Contact us for more sponsorship information and any questions you may have.

(This is an official OfficeDrift™ sponsorship)

Thank you for your support