The Adventure Begins!

Meet Sarah Lyndsay

Sarah Lyndsay, Digital Nomad. Based in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada. Under an umbrella, the photographer rains down multiple meanings of what she does. Behind a lens, one of my inspirations is to buy a camera as we look into how she packs her bag and travels. Together we learn about how she organizes her bag, media, followers, and filters.

Part of the Shimoda Pro team, she is Proud and feels lucky to be working with them for the past couple of years. She’s been using the Action X30 kit, calling it “The Beast.” Being a DSLR user and being meant for mirrorless cameras fits fine. The cameras used are the 5D Mark IV for about 85% of her portfolio and the 3 and 60. The body style operates well for the photos taken. The commonly used lens is a 16 to 35-wide angle focal length. “We’ve been a good team ever since.” she uses a 70-200 canon 2.8 version lens. In a small pouch, a hand full of shutter switches, batteries, memory cards, tools for a tripod, and a mic system. Circular filters are carried: in a separate Shimoda bag. “I’m a Ben Row fan.” Using Ben row products: The travel angel tripod is made from carbon fiber. Nothing wild or too much going on about it. To get the job done reasonably well. On Instagram, I love it and adore the yellow dress she says has its home in the bag for self-portraits.

Building a brand sounds a lot harder than it is. “A brand is a promise… every corporate decision and every customer interaction.” Addidas is a brand. The way you present yourself is essential for healthy business growth. Look at Instagram’s “@sarahlyndsayphotography,” which shows how her bio gets straight to the point. I like how sherlock wasn’t needed to see what she stands for. Sarah has a business and is clear about who my peer would be. Everything she says is “taken with a grain of salt” (Pliny the Elder). Her yellow dress is a symbol to see as a happy yellow dress-wearing girl. Pick a niche and stick with what you’re known for doing. Building a solid brand is critical. If your business is having Problems go back to the brand name.

I agree that we are all tied to social media likes, dislikes, followers, and subscribers. There are multiple ways we can benefit from social media that we forget. For Sarah, photography opportunity. Having a lot of chances to get out there but not being ready. When given these opportunities, being prepared beforehand is essential. Having photos with likes isn’t the only thing that catches people’s eye with these opportunities. Build up a portfolio that has multiple catches of your work. It would show you didn’t get one lucky shot. But you had gone out to capture more photos of equal quality. No one wants someone that posts half the work. If we’re looking for a photographer, I want someone like Sarah. Work has composition, looks, and acts professional. Being social and being willing to grow and change is successful. Opportunities are a chance to grow, know, and engage with others. Daily productivity shows once you get there. You eventually have a day where you’ll turn down work.

Sarah’s friend Dylan posted about going on this hike to Sarail Ridge in kineska country with him and his girlfriend. The day before, “thinking of any way I could get out of it.” followed through with her comment. About 11.3 kilometers with an elevation of 1,066, the out-and-back trail takes an average of 5 hours and 42 minutes to complete. Saw spots to stop through the meadows, flowers, hills, and reflections. Time for laughs and joking about the toughness of the climb. Getting to the top and seeing the beauty below had to be the best feeling. Capturing what she thinks is one of her best and favorite photos in the yellow dress over the vast rocky ledges, staring off into the direction of a mountain-reflected lake

Sarah Lindsay, “youtube”, June 11, 2015.