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We are a small family freelance operation with a home base in Houston, Texas & San Antonio, Texas that works remotely online sometimes while traveling around the country of the U.S.A. (Mostly the lower 48 states). The bonus of this being a publicly accessible resource and journal (As we go) is that our readers/viewers get to see how others did and still do, work remotely when traveling intercontinental in a motorhome.

Along the journey we look forward to assisting travelers in distress with options/solutions on how to better their situation, attain more comfort in the RV life, find more cost effective and free places to park their RVs, identify remote jobs to help fund their lifestyle, and provide other resources/essentials that could be very beneficial to your own journey.

Our Current Mission

We have set forth on a journey to help fellow travelers find their way in a digital world of remote work and provide each of our readers/viewers with some inspirational, educational, and entertaining content from time to time.

We’ll be running a few different series to get the adventure going:

  • Domain Name Discovery – (Creatively walking you through the discovery of domain names) – This series will be published in the Scorpion Agency™ Journal.
  • Digital Nomads – (What it’s like living and working in a digital nomadic lifestyle) – This series will be published in the Office Drift™ Journal.
  • Online Brand Development – This is a pre-existing series that covers domain names, website monetization, business development, case studies, and more. This series is published in the Scorpion Agency™ Journal.
  • Reviews – Raw, uncut, and uncensored reviews of various companies, services, and products that we have encountered in our travels. These reviews are based on our experience and unbiased opinions. – This series will be published in the Office Drift™ Journal.
  • RV News – RV news is an assortment of industry related articles we found interesting that impact those living an RV lifestyle. This series will be published in the Office Drift™ Journal.

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