The Adventure Begins!


The Office Drift™ brand is a subsidiary of/and managed by Scorpion Agency™. Our oldest online business venture (Since 2005).

OfficeDrift™ is a for-profit and non-profit organization that operates on a pay-it-forward concept.

We provide resources to entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and work campers traveling intercontinental in the U.S. and living an RV/Camping/Travel lifestyle. OfficeDrift™ is a place for collaboration, partnerships, and teamwork of like-minded business professionals currently living the lifestyle.

We also provide a massive selection of free and paid resources to help every day RV/Camping/Travel nomads as they go.


Here’s just some of the awesome resources currently available, at your fingertips today:

Our Current Mission

We have set forth on a journey to help fellow travelers find their way in a digital world of remote work, identify cost effective places to camp/park/hook-up, provide critical resources for traveler safety/comfort, and publish articles that inject each of our readers/viewers with some inspirational, educational, and entertaining content from time to time.

We’ll be running a few different series to get the adventure going:

  • Digital Nomads – (What it’s like living and working in a digital nomadic lifestyle) – This series will be published in the Office Drift™ Journal.
  • Nomad Reviews – Raw, uncut, and uncensored reviews of various companies, services, and products that nomads have encountered in their travels.  – This series will be published in the Office Drift™ Journal.
  • Nomadic News – Nomadic news is an assortment of industry related articles we found interesting that impact those living a nomadic lifestyle. This series will be published in the Office Drift™ Journal.

Happy Adventures Everyone!