The Adventure Begins!


We understand how hard it can be sometimes to find places to park your RV while you’re traveling, so we did a lot of research and compiled lists of locations from across 49 U.S. states for your convenience.

Locate the state you want to find the perfect spot in below. Then select one of the states “RV parks, boondocks, urban, bars & casinos,under $350, or legal canna (Legalized medical & recreational marijuana)” options to see a list of Names, addresses, phone numbers and websites (When applicable).

It’s our hopes that you’ll fall in love with some of the hidden gems in our lists that you may not have found anywhere else.

If you are on foot and don’t have a vehicle/RV for shelter, check out these 39 creative places to get some rest at night,

United States RV Parks, Boondocks, Bars & Casinos, Under $350, legal canna and Urban overnight parking

Watch A Real Digital Nomad In Action!

Do you want to look into the life of a genuine digital nomad, traveling across the country in a motorhome while working remotely as a videographer?

If so, you’re in for a treat. Get ready for some adventure and check out Nomadic Fanatic on YouTube.

Be sure to call ahead to any of the locations you find in our lists. Some places may be full, changed policy, seasonal, or closed for renovations/repairs.