The Adventure Begins!

About Us

How we got here

I’ll make a long story short and keep the more lengthy writing for the travel journal.

In Aug. 2017 we were hit by the floods of Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath. We lost our home, vehicles, and belongings. It was a very tragic event that nobody was prepared for in our area.

FEMA, family, friends, associates, colleagues, fans, followers, and a large part of the domain industry came together to raise money to help us recover from the total loss.

Our hearts and best wishes go out to each and every one of them (Eternally).

After crunching numbers and researching the total recovery process/costs, we realized we didn’t have enough capital to recover back into the lifestyle we once had.

Rather than let the tragedy of losing everything consume us, we chose to stay positive and decided to turn the lemons into lemonade.

We invested into a motorhome, a dolly, and a car to tow behind us as we travel and pulled the trigger on that snowbird/full-time/some-time/digital lifestyle the wife and I were talking about for years.

And that’s how this journey got started.

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Our Background

Eric Lyon – Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Domain Investor/Developer, Brand Designer, Online Brand Manager, Founder/Co-Owner of Scorpion Agency™, Founder/Co-Owner of OfficeDrift™, And A Father.

Eric is an intercontinental traveler that has been to every state in the U.S., NorthWest Territory, Yukon Territory, and various provinces of Canada and Mexico. He is well versed in the Domain Industry, Design Industry, Sales, Online Marketing, and Online Branding.

RV/Nomadic Lifestyle Experience:

  • Hitchhiking – The 80’s
  • Tenting – The 80’s/90’s
  • Van life – The 90’s
  • Bobtail/Tractor trailer – Early 2000’s
  • Class “C” – Early 2000’s
  • Class “A” – Current

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Amanda Lyon – Freelancer, Customer Service Specialist, Co-Owner of Scorpion Agency™, Co-Owner of OfficeDrift™, and a Mother.

Amanda also has an extensive sales, training, and management background with Starbucks (10 Years).

RV/Nomadic Lifestyle Experience:

  • Class “A” – Current

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Domain Industry Events

Events We Have Attended

  • Meetups – (2009 to current) – Meeting with individual domain investors 1 on 1 across the U.S.
  • T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West – Las Vegas Nevada (2014) – An Official Domain Investor Conference
  • NamesCon – Las Vegas, Nevada (2015/2017) – An Official Domain Investor Conference
  • DnHouston – Houston, Texas (2016) – An Official Domain Investor Meetup

Business/Start-Up Events

Events We Have Attended

  • Lean – Houston, Texas (2014) – An Official Start-Up Accelerator Conference.
  • NACCE – Houston, Texas (2015) – An Official Entrepreneurial Conference.

Our Brand

The Office Drift™ brand is a subsidiary of/and managed by Scorpion Agency™. Our oldest online business venture (Since 2005).