The Adventure Begins!


It’s been three weeks now, we have gone through the pros. Battled our way through some, but not all the cons you’ll be facing. And now we are ready to start planning funding, one of the most important aspects of this adventurous lifestyle. There are so many, many ways to earn. The hardest part for me, is finding the places to go that will start you on the right pathways to success.

So, let’s start by exploring who we are. What are your strengths and weaknesses? For me I’m a decent writer, photographer, and I draw tattoo design ideas. All the pictures I post on office drift I took my self, from all my adventures or town’s I’ve lived in. My Facebook, and Instagram all primary sources of advertisement and opportunities to meet new people. You need to find that notch, the place you can fit in and fill completely. There’s something in you, I can feel it the reason you’re here the reason you keep fallowing these articles. You’ve got a spark and all you need now is that material to ignite and keep that flame going.


Potential Income:


Entertainment – Can you play the guitar, or are you the lead singer of your band?


Write – Can your write and set up a blog? There are so many topics to write about. What makes it gold, is the subject pertains to you. Are you a hunter, surfer, Nomad?


Photographs – If you can take a picture, you can sell them too. In my works cited are articles from experts with tips to the trade.


Teaching – Do you have a certain level or degree in specific tasks or duty’s that could benefit you and potential clients if taught?


Build an app – if you’ve got this idea you’ve been holding onto for quite some time now. This would be the moment to use it.


Location based work – Dog walker, landscaper, model, glassblower, yoga instructor, etc.


I’ve given you the short story of compiled ideas towards potential income. The rest is up to you. From just the little things, you could make the biggest change. So be that go getter you’ve always dreamed of. Start selling your art, build that app, I want to see your photos somewhere one day. Give it your best shot.


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