The Adventure Begins!

Cons of Nomadic Living


We talked about some of the pros. Now we get to dive into the cons of nomadic living. You may have already hit the road, sketching out your new lifestyle and most of its ups and downs. thoughts who have started or have been at it for awhile now. Can relate to these bumps, tosses, and sharp turns. Things that could have derailed your train but kept chugging along. I salute your admiration, dedication and steadfastness.

If you’re not a lone wolf this might not be your kind of trail to travel. If you’re not already in a stable relationship, it can be hard to find someone to settle down with. Not everyone has the same appeal to the lifestyle. Not everyone’s idea of the picture-perfect family is always on the road. You may be the most socialist of butterflies but being alone here is almost unavoidable. Constant ups and downs, just like a stable life. This one comes with its own Varity daily. I personally am not a very serious person I make more then enough jokes and smile at my adversity’s. you’re going to need this, trust me. Though a stable life has rough patches, you haven’t traveled this life yet. You’re going to lose a lot, new friends, social groups, a home, and new favorite known places. No matter where you are or what you’re doing in this life you need a “work-life balance.” Meaning you can’t always be trying to explore the world that keeps changing with each tire rotation. You need a balance between your work, and exploration. Even I can relate to fallen victim to bad time management. Don’t be scared, hold onto that courage, hold onto that unrelenting Ness. Most of your life will be carried in two bags. There is always a chance of being robbed or losing something. Depending on your finances this could be as they say “catastrophic.” Money, I can’t say you won’t have an abundance of it. Or won’t have enough of it. What I can say is your going to need it so spend wisely budgeting is important. It could be easier and more cost efficient to stay where you are.


There are so many good and bad things about this kind of living. And the same could be said for many if not all cultures. The minority in nomadic living is a real thing. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. So, wherever you are in your travels I personally wish you the best. Keep at your work and try to stay focused. Your passions are always going to be at risk.


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