The Adventure Begins!

Pros of Nomadic Living

Imagine living from one beautiful country to the next town miles from your first visit. Or for you maybe the dream is to live more out bound away from events of city life. And are looking for more of a quiet tranquil type of place to stay. Away from people, Away from noise, this is no cinema but your right up the middle row. Enjoying another breeze or whisper from mother nature’s lip’s, with the best view. You get to choose when, where, and however you want to cruize.

The best part is the freedom. The freedom, to do what you want, when you want, with whoever you want. Your not bound by anything like a job, school, mortgages, normal day to day things. life as a nomad couldn’t be anything else but how you envisioned it. Of course just like anything else in this world it has its ups and downs. Good for you i’m only here to talk about the pros, we can worry about the Cons in a follow up article.

As nomads you’ll learn a lot, when you move from place to place. You end up meeting people from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. You make new connections, and learn alot from the people, maybe it’s just a new way of life. Or you’ve taken such a liking you’ve inherited a couple sentences in a new found language. You’ll have a lot of time on your hands, for yourselves and for family. Living cost have now just become cheaper. Your wallet is much more flexible, budgeting is easier. From my research one couple spent 600$ a month in south asia on a single roomed apartment.

There’s not a day that goes by I wish, I could spend more free time with my family. In-between school and trying to have a personal life can be hard for me at times. I’ve learned to live with less already over the years. and being organized has never been something to fret over. It’ll be an essential part of your life to hold onto things that matter like a change of cloths extra socks, and that golden roll of Toilet paper. As your packing. Hold onto your things tell next weekends Cons of Nomadic living.








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