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The Nomadic BOOM is Coming! – Launch Status…

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Keeping it Real

Every week we see more and more people hitting the eject button on the sticks and bricks life to embark on a journey into the world of the 1%. The 1% world is full of nomadic travelers living their lives without any static chains, binding them to a set location. They freely pick up their minimal belongings and move a few hundred or even a few thousand miles away several times per year.

The interest in this lifestyle is picking up speed and RV parks, campgrounds, BLM, National parks, Army Corps of Engineers, etc. are filling up fast, making it harder to find a place to park or camp. It’s also creating a demand for more property development investors, to create RV parks and camping getaways to compensate.

The unfortunate part of this lifestyle, is that many new nomads don’t research the lifestyle enough before embarking on their new journey, which leads to bad experiences. Most times, it just comes down to the new nomad not knowing where to look, or the information they find is incomplete, inaccurate, or missing all the other valuable resources that they need for a successful journey.

Our next journal entry will be the official launch, however, all of our resources are already public and accessible for those in need of that valuable information today. If you have not subscribed to our journal yet and would like to be notified instantly once the official launch happens, you can Subscribe Here.


Here’s just some of the awesome resources currently available, at your fingertips today:

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OfficeDrift™ is currently looking to fill the following positions:

May your journey be all that you dreamed it would be.

Happy Adventures Everyone!


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