The Adventure Begins!

Meet Chesire Chelugo

Chesire Chelugo, 29 years old, African, grew up the second oldest in a family of seven in Kenya. Keeps very close contact with his family, and always returns home to enjoy the weather and his childhood atmosphere. Since 27 give or take (it’s been two years) since has traveled the continent of South Africa. Like most travelers, couch surfing is a given, while he writes about his endeavors. Some are random strangers and others are people he has known for a period in a particular country that would be willing to host. There is a total of six countries traveled, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, and Zanzibar. During these travels, Rwanda and South Africa were his favorites, in Rwanda, he has a heart for the landscape, people, and the “rich history of genocide” (Chesire Chelugo). South Africa had beautiful surroundings, cities, and amazing music Genre Amapiano, “which was created and innovated in South Africa.” (Chesire Chelugo). Amapiano is a style of house music that originated in southern Africa before making its way around the world.

How he used to pack to how he packs for trips has changed. Going from a large bulky pack to a smaller lighter load in either a backpack or small strap on bag. Chesire tutors paying students, the ropes on writing, and continues to enjoy the fruitfulness of everything he’s accomplished thus far. His website “” (Chesire Chelugo) provides and explains some of the various writing forms they offer for article and essay writing. In my interview with Chesire, he was well-spoken, patient, all smiles, and eager to share his story. Viewing his Facebook page if you can find it is chock-full of photos, what look like images of himself and other people that would be living in the area or on the same kind of mission in life.

One man in as much terrain as the eye can see, with so much more to explore. The dream of making it around the world and being able to say I planted a foot there. Another photo in my collection of shots, the proof in the pudding, crème de la crème, words like these cannot begin to explain the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have when you are just like him. In your RV, car, traveling by train, bicycle, or hitch-hiking. Will be worth the work, and definitely in succession our best gamble yet.