The Adventure Begins!

Nomadic Fanatic – The evolution of a nomadic brand

It was 5 years ago that Eric Jacobs climbed into an RV and started his YouTube channel called “Nomadic Fanatic“. Eric’s journey into entrepreneurialism started with his first logo/brand in 2014, created by our online brand management agency.

A logo/brand is the key element to every nomadic businesses identity.



We redesigned the Nomadic Fanatic brand/logo for Eric a few times over the years in order to adapt it to the different RV’s and vans he traveled in.



Just about every full time nomad out there has heard of Nomadic Fanatic.

As Eric grew in popularity, he found himself needing to protect his brand better from those who tried to destroy his hard work over the years.

IMPORTANT: Like with anyone that works in a field where you’ll be getting a lot of exposure through videos, photography, social media, commercials, etc., security is very important. The more popular you get, the more risk you assume. Be sure that you have some nomadic security options available as you expand on your own dreams.


Eric (Nomadic Fanatic) went from zero subscribers in 2014 to 183,000+ subscribers today, in 2019.

Nomadic Fanatic is about to reach another milestone in his journey and might be looking to upgrade his rig to a Class A.


Eric Jacobs and his branded dream “Nomadic Fanatic” has come to fruitation and it makes us happy to see that he has found success. As a videographer, Eric found a way to fund his lifestyle as a digital nomad by vLogging (Video Blogging) on YouTube.

We don’t know where Nomadic Fanatic is headed next or what the new chapter in his life will look like, but we wish him the best where ever life’s journey takes him.

Keep the rubber side down and the sunny side up.

Stay safe out there my friend.

Check out the Nomadic Fanatic YouTube channel for more videos of Eric Jacobs adventures.

How are you generating revenue while living a nomadic lifestyle?

IMPORTANT: The unexpected always happens when you least expect it. No matter how good you maintain your set up, something is going to break, fail, or short circuit, eventually. The more you drive it, pull it, push it, or use it, the more wear and tear will happen, increasing the likelihood of maintenance or repair being needed.

WARNING: If you can’t afford repair costs just starting out, you may want to take a step back and reassess your situation to be sure a nomadic lifestyle is right for you. The last thing you want to do is get stranded somewhere you don’t want to be because your rig broke down and you can’t afford to fix it.

If the above is true, a safer option for you might be to look into long term RV parks with full hookups and amenities that are more cost effective than what you pay in rent/utilities now. You can even find RV parks around the country for $100 to $350 per month including amenities. This will allow you to live below your means with some of the same creature comforts and allow you to start putting more money into your savings/retirement fund or to reinvest into bettering your lifestyle (When done right).

Once you get your finances back in order and get the hang of your rig/set-up (Inside and out), then start venturing around the country like a nomad.

This lifestyle is not for everyone. If you can, do a test run for a few weeks/months to make sure you can adapt to a smaller space, long term. You don’t want to be miserable out here, you want to be happy, healthy, and adventurous.

Note: Always keep track of your nomadic lifestyle expenses.

May your adventures be mesmerizing