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Meet The Officers

The daily operations of OfficeDrift™ are carried out by the following dedicated and loyal team orientated officers.

Active Duty Officers

The Founders

Eric Lyon (President) – Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Domain Investor/Developer, Brand Designer, Online Brand Manager, Founder/Co-Owner of Scorpion Agency™, Founder/Co-Owner of Office Drift™, And A Father.

Eric is an intercontinental traveler that has been to every state in the U.S., NorthWest Territory, Yukon Territory, and various provinces of Canada and Mexico. He is well versed in the Domain Industry, Design Industry, Sales, Online Marketing, and Online Branding.

RV/Nomadic Lifestyle Experience:

  • Hitchhiking – The 80’s
  • Tenting – The 80’s/90’s
  • Van life – The 90’s
  • Bobtail/Tractor trailer – Early 2000’s
  • Class “C” – Early 2000’s
  • Class “A” – Current

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Amanda Lyon (Vice-President) – Freelancer, Customer Service Specialist, Co-Owner of Scorpion Agency™, Co-Owner of Office Drift™, and a Mother.

Amanda also has an extensive sales, training, and management background with Starbucks (10 Years).



RV/Nomadic Lifestyle Experience:

  • Class “A” – Current

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Eric Jacobs (Field Team) – vLogger, Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Producer, Director, Videographer, Aerial Drone Operation and the founder of Nomadic Fanatic.

Eric is also an intercontinental traveler that has been all over the U.S. He is well versed in Boondocking, Urban Camping, Stealth Camping, RV Parks, RV Friendly Bars & Casinos, nomadic life hacks, RV maintenance, and adventure.


RV/Nomadic Lifestyle Experience:

  • Van Life – 90’s & 2000’s
  • Slide-in Truck-Camper – 90’s
  • Class “C” – 2000’s
  • Class “A” – Current



(Private) – Only club members can see who private officers and club members are – Active Club Members

Sergeant at Arms & CTO

Currently accepting applications – Position Listing


(Private) – Only club members can see who private officers and club members are – Active Club Members


Beth LaFata (Texas) – Freelancer, Nomad, vLogger, Blogger and founder of RVChillin.

Beth has worked in multiple work camping positions in the U.S. for various industries. She is well versed in the nomadic lifestyle, stealth camping, boondocking, RV Parks, and the challenges, rewards, and adventures that come with it. As a single female living a nomadic lifestyle, She has become an inspiration to her fans from all over the world.


RV/Nomadic Lifestyle Experience:

  • Van Life – Early 2000’s
  • SUV + Box Trailer Life – Current

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Currently accepting applications for other U.S. states – Position Listing

The Office Drift™ brand is a subsidiary of/and managed by Scorpion Agency™. Our oldest online business venture (Since 2005).

Happy Adventures Everyone!

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