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Nomadic Life Etiquette

There are a lot of different directions the nomadic lifestyle can go and it’s important to have proper etiquette so you’re not offending or imposing on your fellow nomads/campers. We put a checklist together below for easy reference.

The more nomadss that follow this simple nomadic life etiquette, the happier we can all be enjoying such an awesome lifestyle.

Nomadic Life Etiquette

Rules & Regulations – RV Parks, State Parks, National Parks, Casinos, BLM Land, etc. all have their own rules, regulations, and policies in place. Be sure to research them and understand them prior to using any of their services, amenities, passes, etc.

Parking – If you are at a park with designated pads/parking, please park in the designated spot you were assigned and don’t block your neighboring campers. If you are boondocking on BLM or in a State/National park, don’t park right next to someone else if there are other open spots further away. Most people living the boondock life don’t want to be crowded.

Lights – Don’t keep your headlights on your neighbors when you arrive back to your site late at night. It’s annoying. If you aren’t boondocking with nobody else around, be sure to turn your outside lights off so they don’t shine in your neighboring campers window, keeping them up all night.

Respect – Please be nice to everyone you meet on your adventure.

  • Don’t take a shortcut across another campers site, they paid for. Go around.
  • If you have a dog, pick up it’s poop and don’t let it bark outside all night.
  • Keep your noise down if you have neighbors. You may not like what they enjoy and they might not like what you enjoy. Respect each others comfort zones when in close proximity.
  • Say hi and wave occasionally to other campers. Don’t be a sour puss. Enjoy life a little and loosen up.
  • If you check-in late or leave early, do it quietly.
  • It’s ok to drink socially, but respect your neighbors and keep it down.
  • Don’t blast your music or TV, even during daylight hours. Not everyone likes the same music or entertainment. You don’t want to hear theirs and they don’t want to hear yours. It’s as simple as that.
  • Don’t go knocking on someones RV door or tent before 10am or after 8pm unless they are expecting you. This can quickly irritate someone trying to enjoy their own adventure.

Speeding – Go the posted speed limit please. Going fast kicks up rocks and and dirt. It also causes you to slide if you have to hit your breaks fast if something darts in front of you or from out behind an RV, not seeing you coming so fast. Just be safe and do the speed limit. There are lots of families with children in the RV lifestyle too you put at risk. Keep that in mind.

Cleanliness – There’s an old saying that one should leave their camp site cleaner than how they found it. It’s unfortunate that so many BLM, State parks, & National parks are forced to close their gates because too many people won’t pick up their own trash. We aren’t your parents! Pick up after yourselves, save the planet from litter, help keep all the parks open, and let others enjoy the view just as much as you did, with out trash clutter. FYI – Fire pits are not trash cans, use a proper receptacle.

Fire – Don’t play with or underestimate the mystical power of fire combined with wind and flammable foliage. There are way too many forest fires and potential LP gas explosions to be leaving an open fame unattended. If you are going to leave your fire, tiki torch, or BBQ grill unattended, snuff the fire out first please. It only takes one time for the unexpected to happen and POOF! up in flames. Be safe.

Power Sources/Tools – If you are using a power tool, generator, or even an appliance that is loud, please be sure it’s not during an RV park quiet time, not next to another boondocker trying to sleep, not in an area that prohibits its use, and if you do need to kick something on for an hour or so, do it respectfully.

Waste Tank – Under no circumstances should you ever dump your black waste tank on the ground anywhere. Always use a designated dump station to dispose of it.

Borrowing – If the site you are at has amenities like a library, DVDs, tools, etc. they let campers use, be sure to remember to put them back where you got them when you are done so someone else can use them. Thanks.

Firewood – Never cross state lines with firewood from another state. 99% of remote parks have policies against using your own wood for conservation and ecosystem reasons.

Laundry – If you are using a sites laundry facility amenity, don’t forget your clothes in the machine. Other people want to use the machines too. That’s just rude! Get in, get it done, get out, who’s next!

RV Wash – If the site you are at doesn’t allow it, don’t do it. Simple.

RV Repairs – If the site you are at doesn’t allow it, don’t do it. Simple.

Disrupting the land – Don’t dig at your campsite, especially if it’s not allowed. If you are boondocking or tenting somewhere, please don’t dig right near the site that others will camp at when you leave. Go out in the woods a ways to do your business (If it’s allowed). Don’t cut down trees, bushes, or destroy other plant life while you’re camping.

Help – If you see a fellow Nomad/Camper struggling or in need of assistance, take a moment to help them. Pass that good karma around and make someone happy today. For every smile you put on someones face, you have that much more happiness to remember in your own life. Be kind and help a stranger. One day, you may be a stranger in need of help and that karma you built up could come in handy.

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