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Website Development

Website Development

For those of you doing remote employee work, you probably won’t have to worry about website development.

Not sure how to code/develop a website or set-up your domain name to work with the hosting plan you have?

No worries, you can either take the time to research How-To articles/videos and do it yourself for free (This could take months), or you can hire a professional cost-effectively to do it for you.

Learn Free

If you decide you want to learn how to code/develop a website completely free, on your own, in your spare time, I suggest learning at W3Schools™. It’s a completely free online course to help you learn all the latest standards of code used in website development.

At a minimum, you’ll want to learn HTML and CSS. This will provide you with the technical skills to code a static website from the ground up or edit templates from a dynamically (php) coded website script.

Free CMS (Content Management System)

To speed up the development process, I also like to recommend that people use the free opensource CMS (Content management System) WordPress™. This will allow you to quickly get a fully coded dynamic (Php based) website up in under 20 minutes. Learning HTML & CSS will allow you to customize, theme, and brand the website to fit your business ventures needs.

Not sure how to set-up a CMS script like WordPress™? No problem, If you got your domain and hosting at Godaddy™, they have an easy to use WordPress™ setup wizard that will walk you through it in just a few simple steps.

Our parent brand has a few cost-effective services (When available) and for services we don’t provide, we have trusted partners that may specialize in what you need.

Note: We only refer partners that we trust and/or have actually done business with over the years.

Be sure to review all our resources. Don’t skip anything we outlined there. We know it’s a lot of reading, but you’ll be thankful you read it all later.