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Travel Medical Insurance

One of the biggest questions floating around out their by people living the nomadic lifestyle over the age of 35 is who they should use for medical insurance to help with their health and safety on the road, wherever they are.

If you have a need to see a doctor regularly or want that “just in case” protection for when an accident happens, you’re going to need medical insurance that most hospitals and clinics accept. There are also some free medical assistance options for those that can not afford medical insurance.


  • HMO plans don’t include out-of-network benefits.
  • PPO plans include out-of-network benefits.
  • ACA/Fed/Gov plans include out-of-network benefits.
  • MedShare coops with others for coverage with out-of-network benefits.

For our own medical needs we decided to research options for medical coverage while we travel the U.S. in our RV and provided the companies/programs we came across that work best for the nomadic lifestyle below so that others can benefit from it too.

Nomadic Life Medical Insurance For Travelers

Global Medical Insurance Coverage For U.S. and Overseas Travelers

Medical Insurance Coverage For Intercontinental U.S. Travelers

U.S. Temporary (3 mo.) Medical Insurance Coverage

Can’t Afford Medical Insurance?

If you can’t afford medical insurance, you do still have a few options. however. it’s best to have medical insurance and not need it than need it and not have it. If you are in a situation where medical insurance coverage just isn’t an option, the below will be helpful to you.

  • Be sure to check out our emergency RV apps and survival information for more medical and health related piece of mind. Medical and health apps allow you instant access to the emergency information you need, when you need it.
  • Going to the ER (Emergency Room) at a large hospital can get expensive, however, About 43% of all hospital admissions originate in an ER and the main reason that so many ER visits are for non-urgent care is that hospital ER’s are required by federal law to provide care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. That translates to free medical emergency assistance for you.
  • Free clinics are also an option if you don’t have medical insurance. Some are by-appointment only, others have an open walk-in policy, and there are even some that are mobile and set-up in different states at different times of the year. Find a free clinic near you: FCD – All U.S. States / NAFC – East Coast / RAM – MobileOD – Emergency Apps
  • See if you qualify for enrollment in the Federal Medicare or Medicaid programs.

It’s my hopes that the above listed categories and companies help you get started in your nomadic life medical insurance research that works best for your needs.