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RV/Vehicle Insurance

When looking for insurance for an RV it can become an exhausting experience sorting though the thousands of different vehicle/RV insurance providers. We had to do the same thing and it took us 3 months of researching before we finally pulled the trigger.

There are a lot of different things to consider when looking for the best RV insurance for you (E.g. Coverage for RV + Towed / Liability or Full-Coverage / Mileage Variants that effect the policy rates / Monthly payments/ Policy starting costs / Coverage area / Etc.)

Because we are all unique in what we need to feel more comfortable, I can’t tell you which insurance company to choose, only you can decide that. However, I can help make the research easier by providing you a list of the best companies we came across so you can skip straight to the meat of the top companies RVers like us & yourself use.

Best Vehicle/RV Insurance For RVers

Definitions of what each company below is rated best for: Supp. = Support / Disc. = Discounts / TT = Travel Trailer / FW = Fifth-wheel / MH = Motorhome / RS = Road Side Assistance / FT = Full-Time OK

High cost but the best nationwide coverage

State Farm – Supp. Nationwide – Disc. Farmers – TT/FW SafeCo – MH

Cost-Effective With The Next Best Nationwide Coverage

AAA – MH/TT/FW/Supp./RS/FT Progressive – MH/TT Geico – Disc.

Modest Nationwide Coverage With Full-Time RVers in mind

Good Sams – MH/TT/FW/RS/FT RVinsurance – MH/TT/FW/FT National General – MH/TT/FW/FT

2019Rv Insurance Rate Comparison

In Conclusion

Now, keep in mind, a lot of insurance companies treat motorhomes different in the sense that the mileage you put on it can affect your rate (It’s different for travel trailers and fifth-wheels). When it comes time to renew a motorhome policy, they will want to verify the mileage at renewal to compare with the previous policy mileage.

The more you drive, the higher the risk, and the rate compensates for that, so don’t be shocked after a 6 to 12 month policy comes up for renewal and the mileage pushes your cost up a bit.

We chose AAA membership for our full set-up: Toad, dolly, and motorhome, with roadside assistance.

Safe travels everyone.