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RV Life Groups

There are literally thousands of RV life related groups all over the place. They vary in topics like: Boondocking, urban camping, stealth camping, RV maintenance, RV solar system, RV renovations, Part-Time RV living, Full-time RV living, etc… The list goes on. Some groups are even a catch-all for any RV related topic.

It can be brain numbing trying to sort through all those groups, let alone trying to follow and participate in that many groups at a time. There are also a lot of groups that arn’t very active, not very friendly, or have poor moderation.

To make it a little easier, we picked out the groups that stood out to us for different reasons (Including, but not limited to: Good moderation, minimal to no spam, friendly, helpful, active, etc…),  and have listed them below for you to see if they might be a good fit.

Only you can decide what group is best for you, these are the ones we liked the most in their respective categories.

RV Life Groups On FaceBook™

Boondocking / Free RV Living Groups

  • Free Camping Life – This FaceBook group is geared for the free camping enthusiasts. Those that like to park or pitch a tent out in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors for miles around are ideal candidates for this group. If you’ve got a tight budget or no budget at all, this group could prove to be beneficial for ideas.
  • Free Camping, Boondocking, and Public Lands – A place to interact with other campers who take the road less traveled, for those who enjoy camping off of the beaten path, for those who think that camping shouldn’t cost a fortune, and for those campers who seek adventure.
  • RV Solar For Dummies – This Group is for EVERYONE who has Questions about Solar on Recreational Vehicles. Whether your installing yourself & have questions. For those who have no idea what there doing etc. A place to learn. A place to share your experience with others, view products. Selling is allowed ONLY if it pertains to Solar Equipment for RV’s.

General RV Life Help/Support Groups

  • WorkCamped – This group is managed and sponsored by us. It covers an array of work-camping, remote work, rv parks, boondocking, and more topics of conversation. Bringing nomadic work opportunities and places to stay/camp all under one roof for your convenience.
  • RV To Freedom – We help future nomads smoothly transition to life as full-time RVers. It’s a place for people to come ask questions, share their experiences, and learn. This group is a community of dreamers, newcomers, and seasoned RV veterans that can come together to help everyone have the best RV experience possible and enjoy this life as much as we do.
  • Living The RV Dream – This Facebook group is open to all people interested in the RV lifestyle. It’s for aspiring RVers as well as seasoned travelers.

OfficeDrift™ Clubhouse

RV Entrepreneurs and business builders

  • OfficeDrift™ Clubhouse (Closed for Renovations) – This is a club and not a group. Clubs have stricter rules/bylaws, unity, structure, team work, extended resources, added benefits, a stronger support system, monthly or annual dues, better security, and are relatively smaller than RV groups. At OfficeDrift™, we take pride in helping each of our club members unlock and tap into their full RV life potential, mixing, fun, adventure, legalities, remote work, and partnerships under one secure and united roof. – More Details

Do you know of any RV related groups that are very active with good moderation, minimal to no spam, friendly, helpful, active, etc. that we don’t have in our list above? Send it to us with a description and why you feel it should be included in our resource. We are happy to review and add groups that qualify.