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Marijuana Laws In U.S. States

We understand that some of you full-time and part-time travelers use cannabis/marijuana/CBD for medical reasons. Because of this, we wanted to make sure that you know the laws in each state so that you know which states are friendly to partake in and you don’t find yourself in an unfortunate situation crossing state lines into an unfriendly state by accident.

Disclaimer: Even though cannabis/marijuana is legal in some U.S. states, it’s still illegal on a Federal level. If you choose to partake in state level legalization, you’re doing so at your own risk of Federal penalties.

Additionally, be sure to check with the local/state laws yourself before entering an area you are not familiar with. The map below will give you the general idea, however, map updates are not automatic when laws change. Because of this, there is room for marginal error between law changes and map updates. Do your due diligence and research for the best accuracy.

Map updated on: Dec. 08, 2018

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Happy adventures everyone!