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This is critical since working remotely online does require a wifi enabled device to get work done. There are some tasks that can be done easily from a smartphone, however, I generally recommend that you invest in a laptop first. A tablet is an ok secondary piece of equipment, but it’s more cumbersome and processes tasks slower than a traditional laptop.


If you know about laptops, how they work, and have technical savvy, you can get a used one on eBay™ or Amazon™, then fix it (If needed). If you aren’t computer/tech savvy and need something dependable, then I would suggest finding a BestBuy™ retail outlet and visiting in-person.


BestBuy’s generally have what they call a “red tag” section of computers and laptops (Example: I got a new $895.00 laptop for $325.00 and my wife got a $550 laptop for $115.00). Red tag items are those that were returned by customers for one reason or another (E.g. decided they needed the money instead of the device, returning a gift they already had one of, etc.).

Example Benefits

The bonus of getting your laptop at BestBuy™ is that they have an on-site GeekSquad™ computer repair and diagnostics team. You can have them check out the laptop free before purchasing it, to ensure everything works right.

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