The Adventure Begins!

Getting Started

Starting your first remote online business

We understand how scary it can feel working remotely or starting your first online business and we are here to help walk you through it every step of the way to make it as easy as possible for you.

Unlike some others that promote working remotely online, we cover the (just as important) scary things that they may leave out. Why? Because we care about your success and ability to generate an income remotely (Legally) online more than we care about the amount of monetary gain.

Getting Started

Freelance or Entrepreneur

There are a variety of ways to get started working remotely online, however, I generally suggest that people start in a niche field they are already familiar with so that the transition is 10x easier.

Obviously, if someone was a Barista at a coffee shop, they can’t really do that online, however, they could start a blog or develop a e-commerce in that coffee niche so that they are comfortable and knowledgeable enough to have a better shot at generating income online in a vertical of that niche. That’s the freelance/entrepreneur option.


If you were looking more into working for an established company with set hours or a schedule you can influence to suit you better, then you’ll be looking for remote corporate work. Again, even when looking for this type of work, it helps if you have experience with at least a vertical of what you are applying for to help get you in the door faster.

There are many places that offer training, however, the rate of pay will be substantially lower than if you already possessed the skills. This is where past experience in a vertical of the niche could help get you a better starting pay in training.

Start off asking yourself some questions to narrow it down.

  • Have you ever worked online before and if so, what did you do?
  • What are your top 3 skill sets that you are the most confident about (Online or offline)?
  • What kind of hobbies make you happy?
  • How many hours are you wanting to put in each day?
  • Is there a minimum income you need to be making starting out or is there room for a lower training pay to start before you need more income?

Do you want to get an idea of all the different types of things you can do remotely online for an income? Check out our remote job board for a variety of things you can do.

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Be sure to review all our resources. Don’t skip any thing we outlined there. We know it’s a lot of reading, but you’ll be thankful you read it all later.