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Assumed Name/Licensing

Assumed Name/Licensing

If you decide to go the route of branding your name/entity for freelance service purposes and want to be able to open a business bank account so you can accept payments under that assumed entity name, you are going to need to head down to your local county tax office and fill out an assumed name certificate.

For more details on this process and how easy it was for us to do, check out the sole proprietorship to general partnership article I wrote back in April 2017 that covers the assumed name application we did.

If you are looking to start your own business and thinking of employing others eventually, you are going to want to research the costs associated with starting a business in your domicile state or incorporating in a different state than your domicile. I suggest you start your official license and permits research here: SBA – Applying for Licenses and Permits

Be sure to review all our resources. Don’t skip anything we outlined there. We know it’s a lot of reading, but you’ll be thankful you read it all later.