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Before you dive into some of the work listings below, be sure to read the following article I wrote in July 2017 about domain and website monetization. If you are going to get serious about being a freelancer online, you’re going to need to invest into a domain name and develop a website to showcase your services, products, and portfolio.

The remote work listings below are mostly from smaller companies and entrepreneurs that understand the world of freelancing, crowdsourcing, and outsourcing. The benefits of qualifying and working for one of these companies is that your rate of pay will normally match your skill sets, you’ll have more control over your hours of operation, you’ll be filing taxes as self-employed based on any 1099’s filed with clients and essentially be your own boss.

The downside is that you’ll need to be a quick learner, self-motivated, and have to do all your own tax deductions each year (You could also hire an accountant).

If you’re already good at all three of those, then remote freelance work may be a good match for you.

Before you get started looking for work, be sure that you have read about the resources and requirements of working remotely.

If this isn’t the type of remote work you were looking for, check out some of our other remote work categories, such as: Remote Job Board, Remote Corporate Work, Remote Affiliate Work, Temp Labor and Work Camping, and Remote Entrepreneurialism.

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