The Adventure Begins! – Only Genuine Lager Drinkers Understand!


Lagster™ (noun)

Lag-Ster (‘Lag-Ster)

Defining Lagster:

What does lagster mean?

  1. A lagster is a genuine lager drinker.
  2. Only a true lagster knows the thick, smooth, thirst quenching taste of goodness.
  3. A lagster is one who savors the flavor of a good lager beer.
  4. Lagster’s are so good at identifying different lagers that they are considered professionals (Lagsters) in their field of fine beer beverages.
  5. Only a lager drinker with a palette that complements the cold beer beverage can ever declare themselves within the ranks of a true lagster.

Lagster Visualization:

Development Direction:

This asset will be developed in the direction outlined above if/when we have time to dedicate to the project.

Potential Acquisition:

The domain asset, it’s TM (Lagster™) and logo/brand master files might be available for acquisition.

If you are interested in starting your own online business or targeted campaign, this asset is a STRONG BRAND to stand behind.

Do you qualify as a true lagster?

If so, this brand asset IS for YOU! If not, it’s ok, some day you might qualify as a GENUINE LAGSTER too! Try back then, unless a true lager drinker grabbed it before you were ready. That would be unfortunate.

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Own a Bar or Host Social Events?

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It’s ok, if this domain asset and brand already sold by the time you decide, we have other Domain/Brand assets that may be available for acquisition.