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For digital nomads that work online and looking for free CoWorking type spaces that provide free wifi, we add those here as we find them.

City Central – Free CoWorking Space Days

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Texas, USA

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For those of you digital nomads looking for a solid internet connection for a day in an office setting in the Dallas or Plano Texas areas, for free, this might be an interesting opportunity to do so.

Take a day away from the weak wifi signals or save your data to upload the bulk of your files or get your big Gb downloads done on these free cowork days.

Note: You should attend at least one event they hold in the CoWork space on the free day. After all, the whole point of offering it to you for free is to get more exposure to their events. Who knows, maybe you'll like what their event has to offer that day.

There is no obligation to buy anything. The space and amenities are completely free, even if you don't make a purchase.

City Central Free CoWorking Days

Free Wifi, Free Coffee, Free Tea, Free place to work online for the day.

Are you looking for cheap or inexpensive coworking in Dallas, TX or Plano, TX? How about FREE coworking? That’s right. Zero. Zilch. $0.

In addition to offering office space for lease, and virtual office services, CityCentral is making an impact on the Entrepreneurial community of Dallas – Ft. Worth by bringing educational events and free coworking days across it’s locations.

  • No Contracts
  • No Credit Card Needed
  • No Gimmicks
  • No Cost

In addition to being free, you are able to attend open events that day, have access to coffee and tea and high speed WiFi.

To browse upcoming educational events and Free Coworking Days, please visit

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Notice: All rates and amenities are subject to change without notification. Some locations may or may not have updated their policies, closed for the season, or under renovation. Be sure to contact any parks, casinos, businesses, etc. first to confirm availability, rates, and amenities.

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