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Data Entry

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Website SigTrack

Quick run down. The work is mostly searching petition signatures against voter databases to see if they match, then “tagging” the signature with the results. Forms load on one monitor while the Sigtrack app is on the other monitor. There are no phone calls to make and no time cards. All users are independent contractors, free to work when and where they choose on the jobs they choose. It’s pure data entry on demand.

Pay is per work unit and weighted based on your accuracy (read How Pay Works). The rate of pay varies by job. 98% accuracy is required to stay on contract and to qualify as a peer reviewer of others’ work. Peer reviewing gives you the best earnings potential and special access to off-season jobs. Low accuracy can result in account suspension, so read everything twice if you need. There is a learning curve, especially during the first few days, so you get cut a little slack as long as you do the basics. Go through the entire App Guide, so you don’t mess up anything big.

Your first day is basically a practice run; don’t expect to make much money at all. There are a lot of specs and the Smart Search field feels weird at first. Don’t be discouraged. Most people triple their tags per hour by day 3 and nearly redouble their speed after a couple weeks if they are working most days. The Smart Search becomes second nature, and the specs will start to make sense. If you can get to 75 tags per hour by the end of your first day, you’re on track to eventually hit 300-400 per hour. There are some rare users who can do 500 with high accuracy, and the record is 800 in an hour. If you merely dabble for a couple hours, you may not think there is much money to be made, but serious users make $2,000 – $4,000 per month.

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