The Adventure Begins! – Defining A Digital Boondocker

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Digital Boondocker Definition:

What is a digital boondocker? – A digital boondocker is a nomad, traveler, vagabond, drifter, RVer, or wanderer that utilizes wireless technology to stay connected to the grid while out in secluded areas miles away from civilization (E.g. The Boondocks).

What type of equipment and services does a digital boondocker use to work remotely? – The equipment, services, and technology vary greatly depending on the digital boondockers line of remote work. However, the most common things you’ll see are:

  • Laptop/Tablet – for work
  • Smartphone – with a big data plan and tethering technology to support the laptops data connection.
  • A back-up data plan – This plan is generally on a different network than the smartphone and a popular choice is the Verizon jet-pack (Pocket-sized portable Mifi router)
  • Solar panels or a generator – for battery recharging.
  • Battery Bank – For energy storage.
  • Remote Work – As a freelancer, entrepreneur, or employee of a company that allows you to work from anywhere remotely on a laptop, it’s vital that a remote work income plan is secured prior to becoming a digital boondocker. might be available for acquisition.

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