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Resources for remote workers living a nomadic lifestyle in the U.S.A.


Quality Digital Nomad Resources At Your Fingertips

We meet and talk with thousands of others like us living the nomadic lifestyle every month. One thing that we found is that many full-timers, when they first start out, don’t do proper due diligence and miss a lot of critical information about nomad life that can result in a bad experience down the road.

It’s important that anyone looking to live a nomadic lifestyle of any kind research thoroughly and then double check it again. It’s also a good idea for veteran full-time nomads to research regularly, to keep up with current events, new technology, new/better solutions to every day problems, etc…

There is a lot of excitement and adventure to be had traveling the U.S. and working remotely as a digital nomad from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The freedom you feel deep down inside is just too hard to explain when it comes to being able to work from anywhere in the world (literally) as long as you have an internet/wifi connection.

Keep in mind, if you are not in compliance with local/federal laws, the fun parts of your adventures could come to screeching halt. At OfficeDrift™ we provide the harder to find, less talked about, and more important nomadic life related resources critical to your new lifestyles success and travel safety.

Whether you are thinking about going full-time or already full-time living the nomadic dream, our nomad resources are ideal for helping you find the information you need, when you need it.

Help us, help you!

We are constantly discovering, researching, and implementing new nomadic lifestyle resources and features. Feel free to take a look around and send us feedback and suggestions for anything you would like to see us add in the future.

Happy adventures everyone.